Modric: "It's part of my life, many people didn't believe in me"

Modric: "It's part of my life, many people didn't believe in me"



The Croatian and Real Madrid midfielder had a memorable 2018 and spoke to GQ after winning the Sports Man of the Year award where he spoke about people doubting him.

Luka Modric was named as the best footballer at last summer's World Cup and he went on to pick up The Best award and the Ballon d'Or. Now he has recieved GQ's Sportsman of the Year award to cap a memorable 2018. He was interviewed for the magazine, which will hit newstands next January.

"It's true that I had to win a lot of things to succeed," he says. "Winning three Champions League in a row, and to bring a country as small as Croatia to the World Cup final, that is something almost unimaginable. Just now, others have realised that football is not just about goals, goals and goals."

The midfielder says he has had to face doubts since he was a child. "I have lived surrounded by doubts since I was young due to my size, not being so tall. Some people thought it was important to triumph in life and in football but I have never doubted myself. It's not important that others say, I had my dreams and I always looked ahead...I never had a doubt that I was going to achieve them."

"Nobody has gifted me anything," he says regarding what goes into winning an award. "Everything was achieved because of work."

Modric, portada de enero de GQ.

The same doubts around Modric

"When I was young, I went on loan to a club in Bosnia and everyone thought I wasn't going to make it, after they loaned me to a team in Croatia and a year and a half later I came to the best club in the country, Dinamo Zagrab, and again I had to listen to people say I couldn't play at this level. After, I came to England and to the Croatia's first team...the same doubts."

"All of this only made me stronger. Thanks to this confidence and this faith in myself and the support of the people close to me got me to the best club in the world. And although I am where I am today in Madrid, at the start, people didn't believe in me. It's part of my life, always surrounded by doubts, always listening to people say I will not get to the top." 

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